Have you ever wanted to see a list of all messages in a folder that are either unread or flagged for follow up?  Well… If you’re like me then you probably receive 100 + e-mails a day and just can’t read them all at once.

Here is a nifty filter that you can create in Outlook to accomplish this:

  • Make sure that you are in a mail folder (such as Inbox)
  • Go to view menu -> current view -> define views
  • Select “Unread messages in the folder”Click Copy, Enter an appropriate name such as “Unread and/or flagged messages” and leave other settings as is
  • Now select the newly created viewClick modify, then Filter
  • Go to SQL tab, check the tick box “Edit these criteria directly. All other tabs will be unavailable”
  • Paste the following into the text box:
  •  ("urn:schemas:httpmail:read" = 0) OR ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/mapi/proptag/0x10900003" > 1)
  • Click OK, OK and Close

You can now select this view in any folder you please.

This filter should show all unread messages and any message flagged for follow up that has not been completed yet.

I have not tested this extensively but have been using it for a while now and all seems to be in order with the filter.


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14 Responses to “Outlook Filter: Show only unread and / or flagged messages”

  1. Alec says:

    Although this post is old it just helped me an awful lot. Thank you!

    I made a minor edit to your sql statement so that it hides deleted items in imap:

    ((“urn:schemas:httpmail:read” = 0) OR (“http://schemas.microsoft.com/mapi/proptag/0x10900003” > 1)) AND
    (“http://schemas.microsoft.com/mapi/id/{00062008-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}/85700003” = 0)

  2. nmanos says:

    This filter doesn’t work on Outlook 2010:
    ((“urn:schemas:httpmail:read” = 0) OR (“http://schemas.microsoft.com/mapi/proptag/0×10900003?” > 1)) AND
    (“http://schemas.microsoft.com/mapi/id/{00062008-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}/85700003?” = 0)

    I’m getting “Error Parsing your SQL Script” When I try to submit it.

  3. nmanos says:

    I Found a solution to exclude Deleted and Junk mail in http://www.webofwood.com/2007/05/07/outlook-sql-filter/ :

    (“urn:schemas:httpmail:read” = 0 OR
    “http://schemas.microsoft.com/mapi/proptag/0×10900003? > 1)
    AND NOT (“http://schemas.microsoft.com/mapi/proptag/0x0e05001f” LIKE ‘%deleted%’)
    AND NOT (“http://schemas.microsoft.com/mapi/proptag/0x0e05001f” LIKE ‘%junk%’)

  4. Jennifer says:

    AWESOME! Thank you.

  5. Janos says:

    works fine, thanks a lot!

  6. nmanos says:

    To filter flagged messages I rather use:

    NOT(“urn:schemas:httpmail:messageflag” IS NULL)

    • steven says:

      If you want to see your flagged emails, even the ones you have completed, you can use what nmanos suggested. But if you want the flagged emails not to appear in the view once you have marked them as complete, the original clause works great.

      Unread OR To Be Completed:
      (“urn:schemas:httpmail:read” = 0) OR
      (“http://schemas.microsoft.com/mapi/proptag/0x10900003” > 1)

      Unread OR Flagged:
      (“urn:schemas:httpmail:read” = 0) OR
      NOT(“urn:schemas:httpmail:messageflag” IS NULL)

  7. Owhat says:

    The code
    (“urn:schemas:httpmail:read” = 0) OR
    NOT(“urn:schemas:httpmail:messageflag” IS NULL)

    gives parse error…

  8. Ben Howard says:

    Seems to work in the Preview of Outlook 2013

  9. Xav says:

    watch out the ” and not the ”…

  10. aggisai says:

    Perfect sam, Thank you!

  11. Leeroy says:

    This is a really useful trick.

    However, in Outlook 2016 where your replies are by default created in the reading pane (i.e not popped out in a separate window), if you are switched to this filtered view, when clicking on reply, the message is marked as read which removes it from the view, the whole reply process is therefore interrupted and lost. You have to switch back to the unfiltered view to locate the now read message and reply to it – if there’s a fix/workaround for this, I’d love to hear it!

  12. Paul says:

    Hello, is there a way to create a filter to display only messages that were not responded (or forwarded) yet? This filter would not take in considaration the fact that ethe email was opened or not.

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