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In an Exchange environment you can view your mailbox size and free space from within Outlook.

Start Outlook and click on File:


You can also enable a status indicator that always shows:

In the main Outlook window (i.e. the Home tab) right click in the bottom left corner where it shows the Item and Unread message count.  Ensure Quota Information is ticked on the menu that pops up:


Should your space be low there are a couple of things you can do to free up space or to increase available space:

  1. Depending on your corporate policy you could ask your Exchange administrator to increase your mailbox space
  2. Delete old and/or redundant mails
  3. Use the Mailbox Cleanup wizard
  4. Archive mails

Note: that when you archive mails and you don’t have an online archive that the mails will be archived to a local PST file on your hard disc drive.  If your computer is lost or stolen or breaks then you will lose the archived mails, unless you have a backup of the PST file.

If the Quota Information option is not available then it most likely means that your quota is unlimited – i.e. there is no quota and your mailbox can grow in size as much as there is available space on the server.

Have you ever wanted to see a list of all messages in a folder that are either unread or flagged for follow up?  Well… If you’re like me then you probably receive 100 + e-mails a day and just can’t read them all at once.

Here is a nifty filter that you can create in Outlook to accomplish this:

  • Make sure that you are in a mail folder (such as Inbox)
  • Go to view menu -> current view -> define views
  • Select “Unread messages in the folder”Click Copy, Enter an appropriate name such as “Unread and/or flagged messages” and leave other settings as is
  • Now select the newly created viewClick modify, then Filter
  • Go to SQL tab, check the tick box “Edit these criteria directly. All other tabs will be unavailable”
  • Paste the following into the text box:
  •  ("urn:schemas:httpmail:read" = 0) OR ("" > 1)
  • Click OK, OK and Close

You can now select this view in any folder you please.

This filter should show all unread messages and any message flagged for follow up that has not been completed yet.

I have not tested this extensively but have been using it for a while now and all seems to be in order with the filter.

So you’re all excited… you just installed Outlook 2007 and you think it’s great… until your friends start forwarding you all those funny e-mails we all love to receive, but you can’t see the animation in animated GIF images.

This is not a bug in Outlook 2007, but rather a feature (that I am sure most will find rather frustrating).

As per Microsoft:

Other Unsupported Web-Related Features
The following is a list of all other Web-related features that Word 2007 does not support:

  • Animated GIF images. Only a static representation of the GIF image shows.
  • Flash. Only a red “X” shows in the area where the flash would display.

For full details please see:

Currently there is no known quick solution for this, but one workaround is to save the e-mail message somewhere on your hard drive and then open it using your favourite browser.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Select the message, don’t open it
  • Click file, save
  • It should be in htm / html format by default
  • Browse to a folder where you can open the mail from (I always use my desktop)
  • Double click the file on the desktop and voila your message displays in your default browser (typically Internet Explorer) and you can see all the animations.
  • Once your done reading (and hopefully laughing), close Internet Explorer
  • Rember to delete the file and folder created by saving the message – you don’t want to waste disc space or clutter your desktop