Spyware vs Virii

posted by Sam Ravenscroft
Sep 4

Spyware and viruses are both forms of unwanted or malicious software, sometimes called “malware.” You need to protect yourself from both.

What’s the difference?

Spyware (sometimes called adware) collects information about you without appropriate notice and consent.
A computer virus spreads software, usually malicious in nature, from computer to computer.

Spyware can get installed on your computer in a number of ways. One way is through a virus. Another way is for it to be secretly downloaded and installed with other software you’ve chosen to install.

In short, spyware is a specific type of unwanted software that secretly collects your information.

A virus is a specific way software can be secretly distributed, often by e-mail or instant messaging.

Both spyware and viruses can cause damage to your computer or cause you to lose important data.

To help protect against spyware, try Super Anti-Spyware.

To help protect against viruses, try Avast (a good free-for-personal-use anti-virus) or software from another antivirus provider.

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2 Responses to “Spyware vs Virii”

  1. Another excellent anti-malware product is Malwarebytes:

  2. Since my last post we have started using a new anti-virus / anti-malware package:
    Microsoft Security Essentials (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/products/security-essentials)

    As impressed as I was with Malwarebytes, MSE has been even more impressive. We recently had to remove some nasties from a client’s computer and Malwarebytes found nothing, whilst MSE found about 3 infections and was able to remove all of them.

    At the time of writing MSE is free for home use and for businesses with up to 10 PCs.

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