Sep 14

I’m writing this article, because many people don’t have the luxury of a server and therefore work on a p2p network. So now you have setup user accounts for all the users on all the computers in your p2p network and everything works great. Users can access files shares and network printers, but every 42 days it stops working due to passwords expiring.

Here is how you disable passwords from expiring:

  • Open Control Panel, Administrative Tools
  • Open the Local Security Policy snap-in

Local Security Policy

  • In the tree view in the left side, navigate to Security Settings -> Account Policies -> Password Policy
  • In the right side, select Maximum Password Age and change the default value of 42 to 0. A value of 0 means that the passwords will not expire.

Maximum password age Properties

  • Click OK, close the Local Security Snap-in and Control Panel
  • Passwords are now set to not expire

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