Need a quick and dirty way to check the size of all users’s Deleted Items in your Exchange Mailbox Database – here is a nifty powershell script I concocted from a variety of other scripts on the net.

C:\Windows\system32>Get-Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited | Get-MailboxFolderStatistics | where{$_.FolderType -eq "DeletedItems"} | Select-Object Identity, {$_.FolderAndSubFolderSize.ToMb()}, ItemsInFolderAndSubFolders | Export-Csv c:\deleted_items.csv

It exports the data to a CSV file on the root of the C: drive (deleted_items.csv).

You can open this in Excel and easily use the SUM function to get a total of all the users’s Deleted Items folders.

(I wrote this on an Exchange 2010 server, it should work on Exchange 2007 also, but I haven’t tested this on Exchange 2007.)

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2 Responses to “Sum of all “Deleted Items” folder for an entire Exchange Mailbox Database”

  1. Meester Mann says:

    Landed on this page but couldnt find the script?
    Thanks in advance for all your work on this – Hoping it works for us too!.

  2. Meester Mann – there is no script to download, you need to open the Exchange Management Shell and copy paste the “script” into the command line of the Exchange Management Shell (Which is basically just PowerShell with all the Exchange commands already pre-loaded.

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