Skype for Asterisk

posted by Sam Ravenscroft
Jul 31

For some time now I have been interested in hooking my asterisk server up to Skype – I mean isn’t this the next logical step?

So after googling around, I came upon many sites that offer software packages that integrate with Asterisk via SIP.  I even ended up purchasing a license for SiskyEE from Yeastar. Now finally Digium has opened up the beta program for “Skype for Asterisk”…

Here’s the e-mail I received:

Hello from Digium® We are pleased to announce the open beta of Skype For Asterisk is ready to begin and we look forward to you participation. To obtain your copy of the software, please visit Digium’s web store and purchase (for zero dollars) the Skype For Asterisk product. The web store does require a account, which can be set up during the purchase process if you don’t already have one.

Once the web store process is complete, you will be e-mailed your license key and directions on where to download Skype For Asterisk beta software.

The beta version of software and license keys will only be available for download through August 7th. License keys will expire on August 31st.

Happy testing!

Sincerely, Pete Engler, Product Manager

I can’t wait to try this out… Will post more once I have had a chance to test this!

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